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Empowers the medical industry to streamline access to medical and administrative information, and automates processes through a platform with easy access and remote availability.

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Digitize and automate your clinic or laboratory, ensuring online access for patients and doctors.

Main modules


Manage the electronic records of all your patients

Laboratorio (LIS)

Digitize and automate your laboratory. With online results for patients and doctors, and two-way communication with the lab equipments included.

Imagenology (PACS/RIS)

Digitize your clinic. With reports available online for patients and doctors, and viewing of DICOMs online.


Record all the data of the consultations online. With the help of pre-designed templates and question boxes to optimize your efficiency.


Centralizes the records of all hospitalization costs.


Centralize all your inventories, whether for internal use or for sale. Purchase orders, transfers, dispatches,... all online.

Invoicing and payments

Centralize invoicing and payments. To be sure that everything that is perfomed is charged as it is.


Each module has its statistical reports, so that users and management have all the information they need at hand.


Digitize the sample preparation process and pathology results reporting.

Industrial laboratory

Centralization, traceability, and reporting of industrial laboratory sample analyses.


Centralized management of quality indicators. Quality controls, refrigerator temperatures, and centralized incident recording.


Organize, streamline, and improve customer service. Measure response times.

Human Resources (HR)

Digitize essential employee data. Manage payroll centrally.

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What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us


Clinsis easily adjusts to your needs, acquire the plan that best suits your needs without limitations to grow when you need it.


  • Limited orders (up to 2000/month)
  • Up to 10 active users
  • Laboratory  and QA modules
  • Available 24/7
  • Patient access
  • Sending results by mail
  • Multi-site
  • LIS interface
  • Technical Support


  • Everything from the PROFESSIONAL plus:
  • Unlimited orders
  • Up to 100 active users
  • LIS interface
  • Access for doctors
  • Billing and cashier modules
  • Personalized reports
  • Technical Support
  • Custom domain


  • Everything from the GOLD plus:
  • All modules
  • Whatsapp alerts
  • Advanced Options
  • PACS / RIS
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Dedicated server
  • Standby server

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